The War Diary of Lieutenant William L Hayes M C


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Personal Papers of WLH and others

War Diary of the 2nd Canadian Division

War Diary of the 6th Infantry Brigade

War Diary of the 28th Battalion

Other sources are listed with the text.

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Wherever possible, permission has been sought for the use of photographs, maps and archive material. In some cases, this has not been possible and I would be very grateful if copyright holders could contact me so that proper accreditation can be given and/or permissions obtained. (

Grateful thanks must be given to Major J E Fender (retired) for information, corrections and details too numerous to mention. This tribute would have had a limited level of authenticity without his advice.

Also of Interest ( Short Cut to War Diaries of the 28th Bn) Chronology

More Books: The greatest source of information, detail, maps, sketches and general and specific history of the Canadian Army in the Great War has to be:

Nicholson CD, Col G W L, Official History of the Canadian Army in the First World War, Canadian Expeditionary Force 1914-1919, Queen’s Printer, Ottawa, 1962

Women in the Great War

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